Ok, so you’re a new mother, you’ve just gone through probably the most jaw-dropping, painful and heart-warming experience you’re possibly going to go through in your life. Now you’ve got this amazing beautiful bundle of joy in your arms that you want to protect, love and give the whole world – it’s an unreal and life-changing experience. Now you’ve got to rest, look after yourself but most importantly look after your baby. Which includes endless changing of nappies and feeding the majority of the day!

Breastfeeding is probably one of the most talked about subjects in pregnancy and postpartum. Health professional, doctors, midwives and just about everyone recommend breastfeeding a baby exclusively (this means only breast milk nothing else) for at least six months. It has excellent benefits for mother and baby but it DOESN’T mean that if you have problems breastfeeding or struggle with it you are any less of a mother.

Every woman wants the best for their baby and society has created a stigma in making new mothers feel inadequate, and judging them when they make certain choices. Just because a woman chooses to bottle feed her child, does not mean she isn’t doing the best by her baby and she shouldn’t feel embarrassed or be judged by her choices.

I had my son in 2010 when I was 17 and it was a real big step to become a mother at such a young and tender age. I felt like I was a walking stereotype and the midwives who were around during my birth didn’t treat my like the typical first-time mum. Their snide comments, remarks and unnecessary 100 questions made me feel inferior and I then started to feel like I wouldn’t care for my baby the way a ‘normal’ mum would.

When I told them I was going to breastfeed the midwives said,

“Really? I thought you would prefer bottle-feeding, but ok if you think that’s best. But be sure to remember that not everyone CAN breastfeed so you might HAVE to bottle feed -ok.”

At this point I almost made it my mission to prove this woman wrong. I struggled with breastfeeding for the first two to three days, but fortunately I was able to exclusively breastfeed my son for 8 months while studying and working.

There have been mums sharing their breastfeeding experiences and unfortunately some are quite heartbreaking. More than once a baby has died because of starvation due to lack of milk, issue latching on and dehydration. Mothers have shared their story and said they didn’t know their baby wasn’t getting enough milk. This is heartbreaking and some wish they could turn back the hands of time and just given their baby formula.

Baby formula isn’t poison but society shuns it as if it is. If you’re a first-time mother or mother to a brood, I advise you to use your own judgement and do what YOU think is best for YOUR baby. Whichever route you wish it take, just know your baby loves you and your trying your best. Seek information and correct advice from health professionals, breastfeeding and nutrition experts as they can offer you great and helpful tips and advice.

But remember the choice is ultimately down to YOU. Do what you think is best and fill their rumbly tummies with milk in any form!

Peace and love Mum’s Pride Team (Nafi) xoxo

🤔I wish I could..

🤔If I had time, I so would..

🤔I have a passion for..,but..

Take your pick of the day mama!😂

How many times have we said one of these phrases to ourselves, BUT we are the biggest supporters and encourage of our friends start ups and businesses!!!

Was recently talking to my best friend and the look on her face when I mentioned wanting to start up a business I have been talking about for years, but “did not have the time/scared it won’t work” made me laugh at myself a little.

Remember when you did not have kids, anything that popped in your head became the challenge of the week. Our “why not” have slowly been replaced with “yes, but”. Mama, if today you are still talking about that same business, start up, group, website, channel, it is because your purpose lies in it. There is a reason why you are not letting go.

If something is not for you God will place consistent signs along the way to inform you of such. If something IS for you God will also make it clear. He is not a God of confusion! Trust the voice inside of you.

Let’s talk about the biggest enemy and the biggest friend of our days: Social Media. We have now hit 500 followers on Instagram 🙌🏾 and I have learned so much from it so far.


  1. Loads of mums and dads support people that encourage them and can relate to.
  2. Some people go as far as sending you a DM to give you more information or just to show love.
  3. Made new connections.
  4. Learnt there are hundreds of mums offering similar services locally and nationally.
  5. It is easy to reach out to a company for help or advice.


  1. You end up going to bed late, checking out people’s post and interacting online
  2. You sometimes compare yourself when you see a pretty organised page and wonder how/if you could make changes
  3. You “exercise” your eyes watching mums doing squats reps..from your seated position😳🙈

I am happy my positives are greater than the negatives because I feel so blessed to have even touched ONE person. Its not about quantity, it is quality that matters. Either way, we are not competing against each other, we need to develop a mentality and culture of support. This goes for every area of our lives.

On that note, my goal for next month is to draw up a plan of action to start up my mini business and continue to focus of what I believe God has placed in my heart to do. Will hold myself accountable to you mamas and hope y’all will support when the time comes😅

Let’s start believing in ourselves the way our kids, family and real friends do! Now go out there and be great, SuperMum! Lots of love, (Katie) Mum’s Pride Team xx

In this day and age, we live in a world full of Kim Kardashians, Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s. Trust me I know it’s hard not to scroll through Instagram, Facebook or the Daily Mail and not think,

“God I wish I looked like her”

“Why can’t my life be like hers, she has everything!” 

“Why me?”

‘Why can’t I have that, it’s not fair!’ 😞

It’s easy to fall into a trap and continuously compare yourselves to others in any aspect of your life. From body image, jobs, relationships, money or anything that you feel someone else has that you want. I admit being guilty of it at some point and sometimes it’s hard to shake. Sometimes it can feel like there is always someone out there who is better than you no matter what you try and do to better yourself, someone else is always on top. It’s almost like you’re in competition with everyone and it feels like you never will be as good as them.

These types of thoughts and feelings can be dangerous and lead you to the roads of ungratefulness, bitterness, depression, unhappiness, and unfriendly competition. What I have noticed is, we only see what we don’t have and what others do. Just look in the comment section of any celebrity and you will agree.

Many individuals think their life would change if they had what others had, and if they had their life they would meet happiness instantly. Let me tell you this, please don’t get wrapped up in the idea that because someone has something and you don’t she or he is better. Also, don’t become prideful and think because you have something and someone else doesn’t you are better than anyone. (I probably sound like your mum by now!) Everyone’s chapter is different and being humble, confident and staying focused will help you think straight and keep on the path to success.


Being on social media can make people forget that everything that is uploaded isn’t necessarily real. You don’t need to seek validation from your ‘followers’ or anyone to start to feel worthy. Your self-worth and how you value yourself does NOT lie in how many followers you have, how many people have read or shared that post that you spent hours writing, or how many people that liked that photo that you retook hundreds of times to make yourself look ‘instaworthy’. Self-worth is so important these days, and I think the sooner people realise no one is the same, everyone’s chapter is different, everybody has a different story to tell and we are all fantabulous; the sooner we can glow in the inside as well as the outside.

It’s time to stop caring what people think – trust me I know it’s easier said than done, but if you do you will continue to be a people pleaser and never really know what you think of yourself and never realise just how unique and special you are. Worrying too much about what other people think is dangerous, as it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; because the way we think starts to become the way we behave. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to people who are nothing like you and are actually the complete opposite of you.

Many people who post ‘perfect’ images or seem to have a fantastic life on social media really don’t. If many saw the reality behind the picture perfect Instagram photos, it would make them think twice about putting themselves down or aspiring to be like people who really aren’t themselves and are living a lie. The REALITY is YOU don’t NEED to be ANYONE but your awesome and fantastic self.

P.S. remember – be you, do you, for you! 💪🏽

Peace and Love

Mum’s Pride Team (Nafi) xoxo

So, this is my first time writing a post online. I was reflecting on my written thoughts during the past year and came across a note I wrote recently and thought to share it with you, hoping it encourages you and I.

“Last year I decided to actively post encouraging messages on my social media platforms, with the aim of spreading love, happiness and hope. 2017 was the toughest year in my life, because of so many UNWANTED/UNPLANNED life changes I had to get through. I have come to realize how difficult it is to be positive when you are faced with a “mountain” (=problems). Psalm 55 says “pile all your problems on God’s shoulders”. I have been trying to actively do an SBAR handover to God (medical joke) regarding all my “mountains”. What I mean by that is describing my situation, assessing and making clear to Him what my requests are.

Funny how the Bible mentions His shoulders, meaning He carries them like Jesus carried the cross on that hill. God carries our “mountains”, does not mean they disappear. It just means they do not weigh US down anymore. When God says so, those problems/issues/situations/people/thoughts will be dealt with according to His will.

Note, if we hand them over to God we cannot complain about how they have been dealt with. Sometimes I ask God to deal with something and the outcome is not what I expected. Let God be God and let’s trust Him. He knows best.

Katie, stop being scared and trying to control everything!!”

Reading back at this, I am consciously taking deep breaths in and letting go of some worries as I exhale. Meditation really helps, if done the right way. Hope some weight has been lifted off!

Lots of love, Mum’s Pride Team (Katie) xoxo


This is for you!

Yes, you. You’re about to burst into tears because you had to leave the house 0.47 seconds ago. You’re late. That’s it. You’re going to miss your bus, which means you will miss your train that is always overcrowded with about 300 people. Your manager will give you the ‘speech’. Usually online the lines of “I understand you have many children to keep with but this lateness has to got to stop”. Hashtag who cares he/she doesn’t understand anyway.

This is for the mum who is at the end of her tether, and has 101 things to do but does a puzzle with her three-year-old twins instead. There is something about seeing their little faces light up that makes her go all fuzzy inside, and she needs that – NOW. But of course things have gone wrong, I mean in her households why would things go right, right? She is listening to the twins scream at the top of their lungs and they’re throwing the biggest temper tantrum known to man. This major meltdown is caused by the last piece of the puzzle. It’s missing. Last piece of the puzzle where art thou?

This is for the mum who feels like a failure and feels like she is only one who is constantly doing everything wrong. She feels lonely and cries herself to sleep to make the thoughts go away. Hashtag no one understands.

Now ladies, let me tell you this IMPOSIBBLE IS NOTHING.

You got this!


There is nothing worse than giving up, feeling like there is no hope and finally letting that voice that’s in your head take control over your feelings. Who can get out of that state of mind when you’re at such a low point? How long are you to feel empty and who can you turn to without feeling judged or feeling like a bad mum?

He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last and believe me when I say he can get you through anything! For the mums at Mum’s Pride, we turn to God when we face adversity and are going through trials and tribulations. Friends and family can also be there to be a shoulder to cry on and offer words of wisdom but there is only so much that man can do.

God looked out across eternity and He saw YOU. He knew your purpose and saw that the world needed that just extra set of traits and abilities that you have and decided YOU were the best. Yes the best, after all, He created you and when he was done God looked at you and said ‘ This is good’.

You can do anything you set your mind to and remember that the way you do things impacts everything you do. Your children and family may not show it, but they appreciate you because you are one of kind and special to them.

We all get times that we feel like we can’t even make it through the day. This is incorrect. If you have made it this far you can make it through anything! Our mind is our biggest obstacle and if you just take things one-step and day at a time with a positive outlook, things will not only change but get better.


Peace and Love

Mum’s Pride Team (Nafi ) xoxo