About Us

Hello, hi, wasssup and welcome to Mum’s Pride.


Mums Pride is a group of God-fearing, strong and ambitious women with a passion for reaching out and helping other mums realise – 1. NO, you’re not going crazy and 2. We are all in this together you are NOT alone. We are mums from all over the world and we come in all shapes and sizes. From single mums to married mums, stay at home mums, working mums and studying mums, some still trying to figure it out… the list goes on! We aim to be that support system that many mums NEED these days.


In this day and age, everyone has advice to dish out as soon as you’re pregnant. New mums and even experienced mums are constantly flooded with advice and opinions on what to do and how to do it, it can be quite overwhelming. We at Mums Pride believe every mum knows their child the best, and even if you are struggling with anything we are here as a support group to listen to your questions, queries, rants, screams and any advice you may have for other mums.


We have 2 active Whatsapp groups since 2015 with over 100 mums. The 2 groups consist of one group of mums that are silent members and want less interaction. The second consists of the active members who seek advice, ask questions, share experiences, motivational tips and just have a general natter. If you want to join please use this contact button to get in touch.


Our team consists of 4 beautiful mummies who work behind the scenes to make Mum’s Pride what it is today. Find out more about each one of us below.


Katie: My name is Katie aka Mama Kates. I am the founder of Mum’s Pride and so excited to share this new platform with the world. I see Mum’s pride as a group of mothers (or lionesses lol) who support each other through the real struggles of every day/night motherhood. As said above we all come in all shapes and sizes and the great thing about that is, there is always some aspect in our lives that we all come across and that’s what makes us all really relatable.

We have all felt alone at one point during the journey from conception to even now – we want to put a stop to that! As a Christian, we often need that push in our faith, in the group, we always share the love that god represents. We hope to inspire, support and most of all enjoy this journey with us.


Ayesha: Hello my fellow mummies name, I’m Ayesha. I manage the Instagram page for Mum’s Pride. I am a mother of 2 gorgeous boys who literally drive me crazy and make me happy at the same time! This journey as a mother is definitely hands down not the easiest but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I really believe in ensuring that there’s a separation between being you and being a parent in order to keep your sanity on this crazy but fulfilling journey. My aim is to use my experiences to inspire and encourage other mums. I am really excited about sharing and exploring this platform with you and look forward to our future events and topics.


Mary: My name is Mary aka Maryhips and I’m mother to an 8-year-old granddad J. I am the events planner and I coordinate the outings, meet up’s, spa days and any events that we have when we feel the need to treat ourselves. This journey has got harder as my son got older but being apart of mum’s pride – you’re never alone.

Some say it takes a village to raise a child and I believe I’m in the right place! With all the pressure that life has to offer we to relax, party and simply keeping smiling and laughing – and that my job! I believe life is one big party so we should never stop having fun no matter what life throws at us!


Nafi: Hiya beautiful mummies, I’m Nafi. I manage the website/blog and other social media platforms. I have 2 amazing children (one of each) and saying that they have changed my life is an understatement. I joined the group not long before I had my daughter in 2015 and it’s amazing to see the connections we all make as mums.

Every child is different yet so similar and it’s heartwarming to see how every woman takes on motherhood like it’s second nature. Some do struggle and when they do we are all there to help, support, guide and most importantly talk to, without feeling like your bad mum or being judged.

I think our platform really reinforces the fact that we all do awesome jobs and that perfect stereotype of being a mum can finally leave the building.Exit here please >.

I’m eager to share our daily/weekly topics of discussion on here and excited to see how many mums we inspire.



Enjoy the blog and please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more of our work.


Peace and love


The Mum’s Pride Team x