365 later..

WOW! Last post was a year ago! When I saw this I was expecting to feel sad, but I don’t. A lot has happened “off line” and I am truly grateful for it.

I apologise for those hoping to see more posts on this platform, I promise, the team is working hard to meet all targets in due time.

Mum’s Pride has been very much alive on WhatsApp and relatively consistent on Instagram too. Social media is exactly a medium for us to be social. Sometimes, actually regularly, we need a medium for us to be IN-focussed.

Personally, I have been travelling a lot this year. This challenge started as a joke with my son and 6months later, we have visited 5 beautiful European countries. I did this for my mental health. I did this as a personal challenge. I did this to prove to my son and everyone else watching that NOTHING is impossible! Will blog about my experience once I reach my goal: 12 countries in 12 months💃🏾

I am still working full time and although I feel like I have more work-life balance, I am about to change rotations with different shifts. Usually I would stress and start feeling sad at the future. This time, I want it to be different. I will plan my time off ahead and book me-time perks. I have also incorporated prayer time with my son daily, which helps us regroup at the end of our busy days. #givethanks #atalltimes

This new stage in my life HAS to be different. Don’t get me wrong, I am still fighting life obstacles. The whole team is. We are all strong women who are trying to make the best out of our God given lives, and situations. So yes, we have been busy going through life, but we acknowledge and appreciate the amazing community we have here within Mum’s Pride. Our team has also grown and I can’t wait to re-introduce you to them. We have really grown stronger as a team and sisters. Again I thank God for it.

So there it goes, a little update about what has been keeping us quite on here! Lol

Please check out our posts on Instagram for events information (YES we still meet up regularly!), or contact us directly to be added to our WhatsApp groups. Sending you lots of love, Katie, Mum’s Pride Team 💞💞💞xx

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