🤔I wish I could..

🤔If I had time, I so would..

🤔I have a passion for..,but..

Take your pick of the day mama!😂

How many times have we said one of these phrases to ourselves, BUT we are the biggest supporters and encourage of our friends start ups and businesses!!!

Was recently talking to my best friend and the look on her face when I mentioned wanting to start up a business I have been talking about for years, but “did not have the time/scared it won’t work” made me laugh at myself a little.

Remember when you did not have kids, anything that popped in your head became the challenge of the week. Our “why not” have slowly been replaced with “yes, but”. Mama, if today you are still talking about that same business, start up, group, website, channel, it is because your purpose lies in it. There is a reason why you are not letting go.

If something is not for you God will place consistent signs along the way to inform you of such. If something IS for you God will also make it clear. He is not a God of confusion! Trust the voice inside of you.

Let’s talk about the biggest enemy and the biggest friend of our days: Social Media. We have now hit 500 followers on Instagram 🙌🏾 and I have learned so much from it so far.


  1. Loads of mums and dads support people that encourage them and can relate to.
  2. Some people go as far as sending you a DM to give you more information or just to show love.
  3. Made new connections.
  4. Learnt there are hundreds of mums offering similar services locally and nationally.
  5. It is easy to reach out to a company for help or advice.


  1. You end up going to bed late, checking out people’s post and interacting online
  2. You sometimes compare yourself when you see a pretty organised page and wonder how/if you could make changes
  3. You “exercise” your eyes watching mums doing squats reps..from your seated position😳🙈

I am happy my positives are greater than the negatives because I feel so blessed to have even touched ONE person. Its not about quantity, it is quality that matters. Either way, we are not competing against each other, we need to develop a mentality and culture of support. This goes for every area of our lives.

On that note, my goal for next month is to draw up a plan of action to start up my mini business and continue to focus of what I believe God has placed in my heart to do. Will hold myself accountable to you mamas and hope y’all will support when the time comes😅

Let’s start believing in ourselves the way our kids, family and real friends do! Now go out there and be great, SuperMum! Lots of love, (Katie) Mum’s Pride Team xx


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