STOP comparing yourself to others!

In this day and age, we live in a world full of Kim Kardashians, Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s. Trust me I know it’s hard not to scroll through Instagram, Facebook or the Daily Mail and not think,

“God I wish I looked like her”

“Why can’t my life be like hers, she has everything!” 

“Why me?”

‘Why can’t I have that, it’s not fair!’ 😞

It’s easy to fall into a trap and continuously compare yourselves to others in any aspect of your life. From body image, jobs, relationships, money or anything that you feel someone else has that you want. I admit being guilty of it at some point and sometimes it’s hard to shake. Sometimes it can feel like there is always someone out there who is better than you no matter what you try and do to better yourself, someone else is always on top. It’s almost like you’re in competition with everyone and it feels like you never will be as good as them.

These types of thoughts and feelings can be dangerous and lead you to the roads of ungratefulness, bitterness, depression, unhappiness, and unfriendly competition. What I have noticed is, we only see what we don’t have and what others do. Just look in the comment section of any celebrity and you will agree.

Many individuals think their life would change if they had what others had, and if they had their life they would meet happiness instantly. Let me tell you this, please don’t get wrapped up in the idea that because someone has something and you don’t she or he is better. Also, don’t become prideful and think because you have something and someone else doesn’t you are better than anyone. (I probably sound like your mum by now!) Everyone’s chapter is different and being humble, confident and staying focused will help you think straight and keep on the path to success.


Being on social media can make people forget that everything that is uploaded isn’t necessarily real. You don’t need to seek validation from your ‘followers’ or anyone to start to feel worthy. Your self-worth and how you value yourself does NOT lie in how many followers you have, how many people have read or shared that post that you spent hours writing, or how many people that liked that photo that you retook hundreds of times to make yourself look ‘instaworthy’. Self-worth is so important these days, and I think the sooner people realise no one is the same, everyone’s chapter is different, everybody has a different story to tell and we are all fantabulous; the sooner we can glow in the inside as well as the outside.

It’s time to stop caring what people think – trust me I know it’s easier said than done, but if you do you will continue to be a people pleaser and never really know what you think of yourself and never realise just how unique and special you are. Worrying too much about what other people think is dangerous, as it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; because the way we think starts to become the way we behave. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to people who are nothing like you and are actually the complete opposite of you.

Many people who post ‘perfect’ images or seem to have a fantastic life on social media really don’t. If many saw the reality behind the picture perfect Instagram photos, it would make them think twice about putting themselves down or aspiring to be like people who really aren’t themselves and are living a lie. The REALITY is YOU don’t NEED to be ANYONE but your awesome and fantastic self.

P.S. remember – be you, do you, for you! 💪🏽

Peace and Love

Mum’s Pride Team (Nafi) xoxo

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