So, this is my first time writing a post online. I was reflecting on my written thoughts during the past year and came across a note I wrote recently and thought to share it with you, hoping it encourages you and I.

“Last year I decided to actively post encouraging messages on my social media platforms, with the aim of spreading love, happiness and hope. 2017 was the toughest year in my life, because of so many UNWANTED/UNPLANNED life changes I had to get through. I have come to realize how difficult it is to be positive when you are faced with a “mountain” (=problems). Psalm 55 says “pile all your problems on God’s shoulders”. I have been trying to actively do an SBAR handover to God (medical joke) regarding all my “mountains”. What I mean by that is describing my situation, assessing and making clear to Him what my requests are.

Funny how the Bible mentions His shoulders, meaning He carries them like Jesus carried the cross on that hill. God carries our “mountains”, does not mean they disappear. It just means they do not weigh US down anymore. When God says so, those problems/issues/situations/people/thoughts will be dealt with according to His will.

Note, if we hand them over to God we cannot complain about how they have been dealt with. Sometimes I ask God to deal with something and the outcome is not what I expected. Let God be God and let’s trust Him. He knows best.

Katie, stop being scared and trying to control everything!!”

Reading back at this, I am consciously taking deep breaths in and letting go of some worries as I exhale. Meditation really helps, if done the right way. Hope some weight has been lifted off!

Lots of love, Mum’s Pride Team (Katie) xoxo



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